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Anti-Snore Nose Purifier

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  • Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone. 

  • Perfect for those who keep the street up at night

  • Clamp your nostrils shut with this Anti-Snore Nose Clip

  • Get yourself re-invited to sleepovers again

  • Also doubles up as an air purifier! 


Why is it that people who snore the loudest are always the ones who are asleep first? 

SNORESTOP's Anti-Snore Nose Clip will ensure that you're never kept up by your partner's snorts ever again as their silicone apnea guard will silence even the loudest of sleepers. 

Made from silicone, this Anti-Snore Nose Clip is the perfect gift to comfortably put your other half's nostrils on mute. Plus, this handy device also doubles up as an air purifier.

You can rest easy knowing that there will be no noisy grunts to disturb your beauty sleep.  

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